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a goat without horns


Worth going to hell for. Amen.

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That shall ignite the world

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My boots arrived so LSP is back on! Stickers to hide my tummy and face cause they both look icky


I’ve always enjoyed stories about the Devil. It sounds really… I’m not a Satanist! But there’s a reason Paradise Lost was more successful than Paradise Regained. The Devil’s a much more charismatic figure than Jesus." - Daniel Radcliffe, Total Film Magazine

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"There was a little man!"

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久しぶりに描いた おめでとうございます 

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And this is where we’ve ended up and it’s all because of me that we’re here now - hungry, cold, and hunted. I love you mom, dad. I am so sorry. What is that? I’m scared to close my eyes, I’m scared to open them! We’re gonna die out here!”

The Blair Witch Project (1999)

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Hell Nah… 

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Freddy © FNAF

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